Jan 28, 2004:
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Taft silent on Ohio's biggest economic issue

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Ohio Citizen Action said Gov. Taft's State of the State speech was silent on Ohio's biggest economic issue: a $3 billion FirstEnergy rate case that could cost 18,000 Northern Ohio jobs.

Catherine Turcer is a spokeswoman for Ohio Citizen Action:

Speaker Turcer clip 1: "Anyway you look at it, if you take $3 billion out of the economy, it's going to cost thousands of jobs. That's common sense and yet he didn't want to talk about that during the State of the State," (10.42 seconds, 168 KB).

Speaker Turcer clip 2: "FirstEnergy is a political giving machine. FirstEnergy gave $200,000 to Governor Taft's issue PAC, Ohioans for a Third Frontier, in 2003," (9.72 sec, 156 KB).

Speaker Turcer clip 3: "Governor Taft did not address the first energy rate case during the State of the State. We need to hear from other public officials, including the three gubernatorial candidates and the legislature, to slow down this process in the Public Utilities Commission," (12.3 seconds, 198 KB).

For more information or an interview, please contact Catherine Turcer, Legislative Director, Ohio Citizen Action, (614) 263-4111.