The Public Utilities Commission needs to learn it is not just a big ATM for First Energy

Of the three state officials who will be running for Governor when the new rates go into effect, Attorney General Jim Petro has already said he would not speak out.

We still need to hear from Secretary of State Ken Blackwell and State Auditor Betty Montgomery.

Please e-mail these state officials now

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  • Secretary of State Ken Blackwell: 180 E. Broad St. 16th Floor, Columbus 43215
  • State Auditor Betty Montgomery, 88 East Broad Street, Post Office Box 1140, Columbus 43216
What you write is up to you, of course, and using your own words is always better. If it helps get you started, here is the text of the email others are sending:

Please call for the PUCO to give FirstEnergy's $3 billion case the same full nine-month review any other case would get. There’s plenty of time to do the job right. Thank you.
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  • Secretary of State Ken Blackwell:
  • State Auditor Betty Montgomery: