January 21, 2004

Anthony Alexander, Chief Executive Officer
FirstEnergy Corporation
76 South Main Street
Akron, Ohio 44308

Dear Mr. Alexander:

I am writing to congratulate you on your appointment as FirstEnergy's Chief Executive Officer, and to invite you to meet with me about the Davis-Besse nuclear plant and FirstEnergy's current Ohio rate-extension case.

We have much in common, starting with the roughly half of Ohio Citizen Action's 100,000 members who are FirstEnergy customers. I am sure we both have an interest in seeing that Davis-Besse operates safely for both plant workers and neighbors.

You are taking office at a turning point for FirstEnergy, and I know we can have a constructive discussion about the alternatives you face.

I am looking forward to your reply, and can meet here or in Akron at your convenience. You can reach me at (216) 861-5200, sbuchanan@ohiocitizen.org.

Sandy Buchanan
Executive Director
Ohio Citizen Action