Voices from Three Mile Island

Three Mile Island October 6, 2003

Last Friday, October 3, families who lived through the Three Mile Island accident in 1979 invited FirstEnergy CEO Peter Burg to meet with them to get a first-hand understanding of the human consequences of a major nuclear accident. Burg replied through an aide that he was "not available."


Here are some of their voices, in mp3 format:
Paula Kinney could see the Three Mile Island nuclear plant from her kitchen window for ten years

      Speaker  Kinney clip 1. Speaker  Kinney clip 2

Joyce Corradi runs a daycare center in Middletown, Pennsylvania

       Speaker  Corradi clip 1 Speaker  Corradi clip 2, Speaker  Corradi clip 3.

Deb Katz is a former resident of Middletown, Pennsylvania, and the Executive Director of the Citizens Awareness Network.

      Speaker  Katz clip

Mary OsbornMary Osborn still lives in Middletown. For 25 years, she has researched neighbors' health problems and plant mutations near Three Mile Island

      Speaker  Osborn clip 1 Speaker  Osborn clip 2, Speaker  Osborn clip 3.