Cover memo:
Internal FirstEnergy documents on Davis-Besse's degraded pumps

March 27, 2003

Dave Lochbaum, Nuclear Safety Engineer
Union of Concerned Scientists

Reactor coolant pressure boundary components leaking borated water for several years. Condition reports written to document the leakage, but management opting not to fix it. NRC aware of it, but content.

Sound familiar? Yes, but it's not the CRDM [Control rod drive mechanism] nozzles at Davis-Besse.

It's the reactor coolant pumps at Davis-Besse. In 11RFO [Refueling outage], all four pumps were tested and found to have gaskets leaking borated water. No repairs were made. In 12RFO, all four pumps were tested again and three were found to have gaskets leaking borated water (the results from the fourht test were inconclusive one way or the other). No repairs were made. In 13RFO, FirstEnergy chose to only test two pumps. Both were found to have leaking gaskets. Those two pumps were repaired.

FirstEnergy apparently plans to restart with two pumps untested and unrepaired.

Attached are documents from last years showing that supervisors at Davis-Besse recommended repairing all four pumps. Management at Davis-Besse chose to only fix two pumps:

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