Updated Mar 26, 2004

When will FirstEnergy be ready to restart Davis-Besse?

Let's ask them:

Quotations are either directly from FirstEnergy spokespeople
or are reporters' paraphrases of FirstEnergy statements

Mar 14: "through May and possibly June," Akron Beacon Journal
Mar 14: "up to 90 days," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Mar 17: "end of May," Akron Beacon Journal
Mar 23: "the June date was always tentative and its possible this plant will remain closed well into the summer," Akron Beacon Journal
Mar 25: "three months," Reuters
Mar 26: "no later than the end of June," Akron Beacon Journal
Mar 27: "late June," Toledo Blade
Mar 29: "at least June," Port Clinton News Herald

Apr 1: "June," Associated Press
Apr 4: "at least the end of June," Akron Beacon Journal
Apr 25: "September at the earliest," Akron Beacon Journal

May 21: "at least the end of September," Akron Beacon Journal
May 22: "end of the year," Toledo Blade
May 24: "by October," Port Clinton News Herald
May 29: "by year's end," Toledo Blade

Jun 14: "no later than December 31," Toledo Blade

Jul 16: "the end of the year," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Jul 17: "sometime before the end of the year," Akron Beacon Journal
Jul 19: "year's end," Akron Beacon Journal

Aug 7: "year's end," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Aug 13: "not before the end of the year," Port Clinton News Herald
Aug 14: "before the end of the year," Toledo Blade

Sep 5: "year's end," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Sep 6: "FirstEnergy has bought Davis-Besse replacement power into the spring. . . on the chance Davis-Besse must remain idle," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Sep 9: "by December," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Sep 10: "before December 31," Toledo Blade
Sep 18: "back at full power on December 7," Toledo Blade
Sep 24: "possible restart on December 4," Toledo Blade
Sep 24: "December 7," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Sep 29: "this year," New York Times

Oct 4: "early Dec," Toledo Blade
Oct 5: "end of the year," Akron Beacon Journal
Oct 7: "early next year," Associated Press

Nov 1: "next year," Associated Press
Nov 14: "early February," Toledo Blade
Nov 27: "into February if not later," Cleveland Plain Dealer

Dec 1: "late January or February," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Dec 2: "January," Port Clinton News Herald
Dec 4: "early next year," Dow Jones
Dec 5: "February or March," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Dec 5: "most likely in March," Toledo Blade
Dec 5: "April," Akron Beacon Journal
Dec 11: "March," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Dec 24: "April," Akron Beacon Journal
Dec 24: "early April," Cleveland Plain Dealer


Jan 7: "as early as late March," Toledo Blade
Jan 8: "by the end of March," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Jan 9: "the end of March," Akron Beacon Journal
Jan 15: "by April 1," Akron Beacon Journal
Jan 15: "late March," Toledo Blade
Jan 21: "by April 1," Akron Beacon Journal
Jan 31: "in April," Cleveland Plain Dealer

Feb 4: "by April 1," Akron Beacon Journal
Feb 4: "April," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Feb 5: "end of the first quarter of 2003," Toledo Blade
Feb 14: "mid-April," Akron Beacon Journal
Feb 22: "in April," Fremont News-Messenger

Mar 5: "in the April time frame," Akron Beacon Journal
Mar 6: "sometime in April," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Mar 7: "much of the work at the plant expected to be finished by April," Fremont News Messenger
Mar 29: "delayed indefinitely," Toledo Blade
Mar 30: "in April or May," Associated Press

Apr 4: "by May," "I don't know. I don't think anybody knows," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Apr 5: "soon after [May]," Associated Press
Apr 5: "delayed indefinitely," Toledo Blade
Apr 9: "may be ready to restart in May," Akron Beacon Journal
Apr 15: "a good possibility . . . slip into June," Reuters
Apr 16: "by mid-June," Toledo Blade
Apr 16: "no sooner than mid-June," Akron Beacon Journal
Apr 16: "mid or late June," Cleveland Plain Dealer

May 1: "end of June or early July," Akron Beacon Journal
May 1: "July," Toledo Blade
May 1: "July or later," Cleveland Plain Dealer
May 4: "early this summer," New York Times
May 7: "sometime during the summer," Port Clinton News Herald
May 7: "within two or three months," Associated Press
May 8: "at least mid to late summer," Toledo Blade
May 9: "spring of 2003," SEC Form 10-K
May 15: "August," Reuters
May 17: "no date has been set," Cleveland Plain Dealer
May 18: "in August," Toledo Blade

Jun 4: "the first part of August," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Jun 21: "possibly by the end of the summer," Gannett News Service

Jul 2: ". . . the August time-frame. It's going to be close. There may be a few weeks difference. It depends on whose calendar you're looking at," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Jul 4: "at least September," Toledo Blade
Jul 9: "late August or possibly the first week or two in September," Port Clinton News Herald
Jul 23: "late September," Reuters
Jul 24: "in the fall," FirstEnergy
Jul 25: "the plant might not be ready until late fall, possibly December. 'Weíre not going to characterize it as whether itís early fall, middle fall, or late fall. Itís the fall'" Toledo Blade

Aug 13: "sometime this fall, I would guess, unless something breaks we donít understand,'" Toledo Blade
Aug 21: "within three months,'" Associated Press

Sep 2: "expected to positioned for restart in the Fall 2003," presentation to Lehman Brothers
Sep 6: "hopefully that will be done here this fall," Akron Beacon Journal
Sep 23: "could be ready for restart by early November," Toledo Blade

Oct 1: "four to six weeks," Akron Beacon Journal
Oct 8: "November 25," Akron Beacon Journal
Oct 15: "mid to late-November," Reuters
Oct 23: "before the end of the year," FirstEnergy 3rd-quarter earnings conference

Nov 6: "perhaps by the end of this month," USA TODAY
Nov 7: "soon after Thanksgiving," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Nov 7: "sometime in December," WTOL TV-11
Nov 12: "on or about Nov. 24," Akron Beacon Journal
Nov 13: "By the end of the year," Cleveland Plain Dealer

Dec 18: "next month," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Dec 19: "shortly," U.S. NRC meeting
Dec 19: "soon," Associated Press
Dec 20: "in the next several weeks," Akron Beacon Journal
Dec 20: "well within our sight," Toledo Blade
Dec 23: "as early as next month," Reuters
Dec 30: "in several weeks," Reuters


Jan 12: "could push restart into February," Reuters
Jan 14: "soon," Toledo Blade
Jan 17: "won't reopen before February," Akron Beacon Journal
Jan 22: "past Feb. 16," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Jan 22: "nobody from the company ventured a guess," Toledo Blade

Feb 6: "by the end of March," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Feb 19: "in the March timeframe," FirstEnergy 4th-quarter 2003 earnings conference
Feb 28: "we're very close," Toledo Blade

Mar 8: "full power within two weeks," FirstEnergy release
Mar 9: "begin splitting atoms tonight," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Mar 9: "begin generating electricity by the end of the week," Fremont News-Messenger
Mar 9: "Davis-Besse is expected to reach 15 percent power capacity. . .Monday," Toledo Blade
Mar 10: "a timetable to put electricity on the power grid was pushed back to the weekend," Reuters
Mar 16: "restarted early in the morning and by afternoon was running at 21 percent of full power," Associated Press
Mar 17: "operators will have to shut down the reactor today. . . hopes to have the reactor producing power again sometime next week," Cleveland Plain Dealer
Mar 24: "doesn't expect to be generating electricity again. . . until at least next week," Toledo Blade
Mar 25: "on the grid next week. . . barring minor equipment glitches. . . .We're not in any rush to get this equipment on line," Morgan Stanley Global Electricity and Energy Conference
Mar 26: "restarted the reactor at about 5 this morning, and the facility might reconnect to the regional power grid over the weekend. . . As of 8 a.m., the nuclear plant was running at 2 percent power" Port Clinton News Herald