Meigs County resident Debra Cochran's statement

Dear Dupont Shareholders and Invited Guests:

Please accept my most sincere apologies for my not being able to attend your Annual Meeting. Due to a family illness I was not able to attend, but would have been honored to have been present.

I understand that one of the agenda items for the Shareholders today is the consideration of whether or not the continuation of manufacturing items with PFOA, specifically C8, has adversely affected and/or will continue to affect profits for Dupont Shareholders.

I would like for you to consider for MORE THAN A MOMENT.....a side of this issue that is NOT directly related to a financial point of view. It has already been established that C8 is bio-retentive and bio-accumulative, meaning that they remain indefinitely in the environment and humans with NO KNOWN WAY TO REMOVE THEM from either. Based on this alone, the moral aspects of continuation of their manufacture would compromise any person's character and greater concern for humanity as a whole.

I implore you all to give consideration not to THIS generation of people who are engulfed in the "fall out" of this debate, but rather for the sake of many generations to come after us, the consideration of what is morally right. THAT, in my opinion, is to STOP the manufacturing of C8.

Thank you.

Debra Cochran, Pageville, Ohio

Meigs County resident on Tuppers Plains Water System which is confirmed contaminated with C8