Ohio Bucket Brigade
Take Back Your Air

The 'bucket brigade' is a simple but effective sampling tool citizens are using to find out for themselves what chemicals are in the air. Armed with our own data, we can win reductions of pollution and enforcement of environmental laws.

Columbus Steel Drum
Pollution complaints log
City State Zip code
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Date , 2004         Time started    Time ended
Source Wind direction

I see

smoke flare toxic cloud fire explosion dust

Please describe

I smell

rotten eggs gasoline heavy oil sweet sour bitter

Please describe

I feel

burning eyes nose/throat irritation breathing problem skin irritation

Please describe

When you smell the odor, please call --

Ohio EPA air complaint number Todd Scarborough (614) 728-3813
Attorney General's office Patty Payne (614)466-2766
Mifflin Divisionof Fire Pat Holstein (614) 471-8533
Ohio Citizen Action Simona Vaclavikova (614) 263-4111
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