Proposed U.S. Coking Group (FDS) coke plant, Oregon, Ohio:

Please attend a public hearing Thursday, May 13, 7:00 p.m. at Oregon Council Chambers

The permit states the volume and type of pollutants emitted into the air: 8 million pounds per year, or 22,143 pounds per day: dust, dirt, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide (emits rotten egg smell), lead and toxics.

Toledo Coke

Above, the site of the old Toledo Coke plant, across the Maumee River from Toledo's Jamie Farr Park. "Toledo's last coke works, Toledo Coke Co., closed in 1993, leaving behind benzene pits and other by-products of pollution that required a $10 million cleanup," (Coke plant on fast track to beat EPA regulations, Tom Henry, Toledo Blade).

The proposed new U.S. Coking Group plant would produce over three times more pollution than the old Toledo Coke plant.

Health effects

According to the American Lung Association, these pollutants impact breathing and the lungs, adversely affect the kidneys and livers, and are especially bad for children. The pollutants include those that cause ozone and acid rain. Toledo is 7th in the country for asthma and allergies, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

After June 15, 2004 this plant would not be allowed

The American Lung Association fought to protect our health all the way to the Supreme Court. Earlier this year Lucas County was ruled nonattainment for ozone. The rules go into effect June 15, 2004. This permit is being rushed through to beat the June 15 date. The Ohio EPA Chief of the Division of Air Pollution Control wrote to this company's consultant, 'I wish to extend our support and assistance in the development of an acceptable permit application.' He went on to tell the company how to beat the deadlines and authorized nearly $29,000 in overtime to help the company. A former U.S. EPA official, Eric Schaeffer, said that coke plants are dangerous and complex; reviewing a permit application is not a rush job.

Areas pollutants directly impact

The hardest hit will be the Harbor View/Oregon area where there are 180 homes where over 400 men, women and children live. Also in the immediate impact area are the boats on the Maumee River/Maumee Bay, Harbor View Yacht Club, and the Toledo Yacht Club. The area already has heavy polluters: BP and the Bayshore power plant.

The pollutants impact the entire region and add to the numbers that result in auto emission testing.


The number of labor jobs is estimated at 75, according to those who researched a similar-sized plant in Pittsburgh.

Who are the investors?

It is a secret. The permit address is a restaurant equipment supply warehouse in Detroit.