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Boy Scouts selling beryllium rings


January 12, 2001

Boy Scouts of America
Great Smoky Mountain Council
6440 Papermill Rd., NW
Knoxville, TN 37950-1885
Phone: 865-588-6514

Dear Sir/Ms. :

I am appalled to find that the BSA is offering the rings below which contain beryllium.

I am a victim of Chronic Beryllium Disease as a result of my work at the Oak Ridge Y-12 Nuclear Weapons plant.

CBD is a treatable, but incurable disease affecting primarily the lungs. This disease is the single most serious health problem resulting from the nation's nuclear weapons program, according to Dr. Lee Newman of National Jewish Hospital in Denver, a world-class expert on the disease.

The disease can be contracted by minute quantities, at levels below the established limits. If the rings were ground, filed, or otherwise abraded, allowing particles to become airborne, sensitization and or disease could result. Taking such a ring to a jeweler for resizing would have the same result, should the jeweler not know of the ring's composition, and how to protect himself.

I urge you to forward this information to the National Council Headquarters, and use the information links below to educate yourselves of the potential dangers to which you may be subjecting the children.

I would be very much interested in the supplier of these rings. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


Glenn Bell
Oak Ridge Resident, Y-12 Machinist and CBD Victim
Beryllium Victims Alliance
Y-12 Beryllium Support Group
Coalition for a Healthy Environment
DOE Chronic Beryllium Disease Protection Program Member
DOE Risk Analysis Committee, Worker Representative
504 Michigan Ave.
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
865-482-7641 / 865-574-2712
Cell ph.: 865-898-1653

[Boy Scout Catalog, click 'Eagle/NESA/OA,' 'Eagle Scout Items,' 'Academy-style ring']

Contacts and Resources:
Beryllium Support Group
Coalition for a Healthy Environment
Nuclear Waste Project Office, State of Nevada ("What's News")
Public Reading Room, Oak Ridge Operations, U.S. Department of Energy
Energy Employees Occupational Illness Initiative, U.S. Department of Energy