Health & Education Committee

Subcommittee on Employment, Safety, and Training
Hearing on
Department of Energy Employee Compensation Plan
May 15, 2000

Panel 1

  • Dr. David Michaels
    Assistant Secretary, Department of Energy
    Office of Worker Safety and Health
    Washington, DC
  • Richard Miller
    Policy Analyst
    Paper, Allied-Industrial, and Chemical Energy International Union (PACE)
    Washington, DC
  • Ohio Burea of Workers Compensation
    Columbus, OH
  • Hugh Hanes (tentative)
    Brush Wellman
    Elmore, OH

Panel 2

  • Gregory Nichols
    Portsmouth, OH
  • Mike Gibson
    Franklin, OH
  • Gene Branum
    Fernald Atomic Trades and Labor council
    Hamilton, OH
  • Gary Benjamin
    Cincinnati, OH

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