Parents right to know
Questions for the Three Rivers Schools' administration and board

As voters consider the levy on August 2, 2005, you have the right to know the answers to these questions. Answers will be posted as soon as they are received from Three Rivers Schools' administration and board.

Q: Why didn't the school board and administration tell all the parents why the water was turned off at Meredith Hitchens Elementary School this spring?

Q: Why was the water turned off?

Q: Who, including both public officials and others, was involved in the discussions leading to the decision to shut the water off?

Q: Would school officials turn the water off again? How will you notify the parents?

Q: Don Larrick, principal of Meredith Hitchens, is on the Lanxess Public Advisory Group, how does he relay information from this group to parents of Hitchens? Does Don Larrick receive benefits to be on the PAG?

Q: Why weren't parents notified about Lanxess accidents in October, December 2004 and February 2005?

Q: Why did school board and administration threaten truancy to a mother who is concerned about the health and safety of her children at Meredith Hitchens? Why did you refuse transfers?

Q: Under what circumstances would you decide to keep Hitchens open? How are you determining that Hitchens should be open for 2005-2006?

Q: How did you document health complaints from children in 2004-2005?

Q: Why did the school board refuse to allow the schools to distribute information about public meetings conducted by Ohio Citizen Action about Lanxess, but allow information to be distributed about meetings which Rep. Steve Driehaus and Mayor Dan Pillow coordinated with Lanxess?

Q: Have you reviewed the air sampling from directly in front of Hitchens, taken by citizens and Ohio Citizen Action? Do you know the long term health effects of these chemicals on 3-6 year old children?

Q: How much money does Meredith Hitchens and Three Rivers Schools receive from Lanxess Plastics?

Q: How many school board members and administration have financial connections to Lanxess? Do you own stocks, have you or does someone in your family work there?

Q: Does Meredith Hitchens have an evacuation plan in place in case of another accident at Lanxess? How and when are you going to communicate this plan to parents?

Q: What are you doing to protect the children at Meredith Hitchens Elementary?

Q: How many children at Hitchens have asthma or respiratory problems?

Q: Has the school made any attempt to determine whether these breathing problems are made worse during periods of strong odors and high amounts of air emissions from Lanxess?

Q: When a parent asked Hitchens administration to have the teachers use a checklist of any health complaints that children experience in the classroom, why did you not implement this idea?

Q: How are you going to determine when to protect children from chemical exposure and when to notify parents?

Q: Will Hitchens use a real time monitor daily to determine the safety of the air? Will the teachers document all health complaints of the children to analyze a common thread of complaints?