Another reason to replace plant management:
Lanxess odors persist

April 18, 2005

Ruth Breech, Southwest Ohio Program Director
Ohio Citizen Action

Neighbors of Lanxess Plastics are keeping pollution logs, documenting odors and pollution at Lanxess. In the month of March, neighbors reported odors coming from the plant on 16 different days, including an odor in the early morning hours of March 18. This chemical odor woke one Sayler Park resident in the middle of the night. When the resident went outside to investigate the smell, she commented that the odor was so strong that it "strangled" her breathing.

There have already been seven odor complaints in April 2005. Neighbors have noticed an increase in chemical and burnt plastic smells in the area. Although Lanxess decided to work on the sewage smell coming from their wastewater treatment plant, neighbors agree that it's the chemical smells, not the sewer smells that burn their eyes and noses that they're worried about.

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