Addyston demonstration of CEREX UV Hound air monitor

Community leader Hilton Kelley from Port Arthur, Texas, brought a state-of-the-art air pollution monitor to Addyston, Ohio, to test the air near the Lanxess Plastics plant. On Saturday morning, May 14, the monitor found a consistent level of 1,3 butadiene, nitrogen oxide and toluene.

The U.S. EPA-certified real-time monitor, called the CEREX UV Hound, was designed at MIT and manufactured by Cerex Environmental Services in Atlanta. Hilton Kelley is Executive Director of Community In-power and Development Association (CIDA) in Port Arthur, Field Coordinator of the Refinery Reform Campaign and Chairperson of the National Bucket Brigade Coalition.

Photos by Kathy Blandford, May 13 - 14, 2005.
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