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Pollution log

Please use this log to record pollution you experience in your neighborhood or at home. Keeping a log of what you experience is one way to collect evidence the polluter cannot deny.

With this log, you can transmit your information to us through the internet. If you'd rather use paper, or your neighbors want to get involved, but don't have internet access, here is a printable log.

City State Zip code
Email address

Date , 2004         Time started    Time ended
Source Wind direction

I see

smoke flare toxic cloud fire explosion dust

Please describe

I smell

rotten eggs ammonia burnt plastic sweet sour bitter

Please describe

I feel

burning eyes nose/throat irritation breathing problem skin irritation

Please describe

To register a complaint about air pollution, call --

Hamilton County Department of Environmental Services, (513) 946-7777 or (800) 889-0474.

Questions? Call Ohio Citizen Action, (513) 221-2100.
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