Guess who your neighbor is

Question marksHave you been bothered by the offensive odor?

Have you noticed the excessive dust in our neighborhood?

You're not alone. Citizens for Clean Air are working to make the community aware of the serious environmental and public health issues associated with asphalt plants.

Did you know?
  • Shelly asphalt plant is less than a mile from us
  • Seven schools are within one mile of this plant
  • This plant has not complied with its environmental permits and is currently operating without a legal permit
  • The plant failed its stack tests and released twice as much volatile organic compounds and sulfur dioxide into our neighborhood
  • The plant did not install any adequate control equipment to minimize odors and destroy air pollution coming from its stacks
  • The Ohio EPA has a plan to allow Shelly asphalt plant to pollute even more in our neighborhood
Come learn more about this issue and voice your opinion on what we can do to change it.

Our next community meeting is --

Thursday, April 8, 2004 at 7:00 PM
Westerville Public Library, Meeting Room B
126 S. State Street, Uptown Westerville

Larry Shively, Vice President of Shelly Materials, will attend the meeting to answer questions about the Shelly asphalt plant.

For more information about Westerville community meetings and Citizens for Clean Air, call 895-2106.

To complain about odors, or air pollution, call Todd Scarborough of Ohio EPA at 728-3813.