Community meeting with Shelly Asphalt Company

March 19, 2004

To: Blendon Township Trustees
Westerville City Council, Manager and Assistant Manager
Westerville City Schools and Superintendent
Westerville Area Civic Associations
Westerville Media

Citizens for Clean Air and Ohio Citizen Action invite you to a meeting on Thursday April 8, 2004 at 7 pm. It will be held at the Westerville Public Library- Meeting Room B, 126 S. State St. in Uptown Westerville.

Larry Shively, Vice President of Shelly Materials, will be present to answer questions about the asphalt producing plants located at 6055 Westerville Rd. near 270/Rt. 3.

According to copies of reports our group has obtained from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Shelly Materials has not been complying with their environmental permits and currently operates without a legal permit. This plant has failed their stack tests and is releasing 2 times the allowable limit of volatile organic compounds and sulfur dioxide into the air we breathe. It appears there is better emission control equipment available to minimize odors and control pollution coming from their stacks. The pounding odor, noise and dust associated with this plant are a public nuisance.

This pollution is affecting resident's health and welfare. The odor has been detected as far north of Westerville as Highland Lakes. In addition, seven schools are located within a one-mile radius from this plant.

Citizens for Clean Air and Ohio Citizen Action are working to make the community aware of the serious health risks associated with this plant. The groups demand compliance with air and noise regulations, accurate emission testing and record keeping, and installation of equipment which will control these emissions.

We look forward to working together with our elected officials and community members on this serious issue. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the phone number listed below.


Bobbi Jo Hoak, Spokesperson
Citizens for Clean Air
Westerville, Ohio
(614) 895-2106