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Letter to Richard Wardrop, AK Steel


May 11, 2001

Mr. Richard Wardrop, CEO
AK Steel Corporation
703 Curtis Street
Middletown, Ohio 45043

Dear Mr. Wardrop:

As I am sure you are aware, Ohio Citizen Action and our Campaign for Safer Neighborhoods has begun talking with neighbors in Middletown and throughout our region about AK Steel's pollution reaching the community.

I am writing to request a meeting between AK Steel representatives and neighbors. In this meeting, we would like to discuss your plans to stop the PCBs that are leeching into Dickıs Creek; control the air-borne particulates and pollution; stop odors that reach the community; and your continued commitment to your workers and neighbors.

Many of the neighbors, especially those living closest to the plant, have been dealing with the kish, soot and particulate air pollution for well over 25 years. This is far too long to breathe, live and play in such pollution. Of course, the first people affected by such pollution are your workers. Many companies with long-standing pollution problems such as yours have been able to resolve these issues by working with neighbors and workers to make changes that eliminate or significantly reduce the pollution at the source. This not only makes good business sense, but it begins to build real trust about your commitments to workerıs and neighborıs health, safety and quality of life.

I can be reached at the Ohio Citizen Action Cincinnati office, 513-221-2100. I look forward to your response.


Rachael Belz, Southwest Ohio Director
Ohio Citizen Action