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Build a fence to help keep kids safe

Drawing of a fence

A four-year-old drew this picture of a fence next to Dick's Creek
to show adults what we need to build.

Last August, community volunteers sent Dick's Creek water samples to a lab specializing in testing for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). The lab found that PCB levels behind Amanda Elementary School are high enough to be a human health risk, according to federal health standards. And near the intersection of Yankee and Oxford State Roads, the PCBs are at levels considered an extreme risk to human health and the environment. The Ohio EPA "fingerprinted" the results, showing that they match PCBs used by AK Steel.

Many children play in the creek which runs behind Amanda Elementary School and through other parts of the community. These types of PCBs hurt children the way lead does: weakening attention span, lowering intelligence and altering hormones. The United States banned PCB production in 1979.

There is an easy, short term approach to keep children and animals out of Dick's Creek. We are urging Mayor David Schiavone of Middletown to get a fence built around the ten mile creek immediately. Children would be much safer in the short term while the adults negotiate the longer term issues of cleaning up the creek.
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