Report begins linking PCBs in Dick's Creek to AK Steel

May 17, 2003
Rachael Belz, Ohio Citizen Action

PCBs in the soil near Amanda Elementary School appear to be chemically linked to PCBs at AK Steel's facility, according to the Ohio EPA report referenced above.

PCBs have been linked to cancer, developmental effects and disruption in hormone functions. The United States banned domestic PCB manufacture in 1977.

Samples taken from Dick's Creek behind Amanda Elementary School contained PCBs at 2,000 parts per billion, and a nearby test site located in Dick's Creek near the intersection of Yankee and Oxford State Roads showed PCB levels of 5,900 parts per billion. The water quality standard for human health for PCBs is .00017 parts per billion.

AXYS Analytical Services Ltd., an accredited U.S. EPA-certified dioxin and PCB laboratory, did a congener analysis of samples from Dicks Creek. The samples submitted to AXYS Analytical have almost identical concentrations of specific congeners. The Ohio EPA analysis indicates a match between the two samples. Further tests must be done to statistically confirm the match.

The PCB samples submitted to AXYS Analytical represented lower-chorlinated aroclors. The congeners include Aroclor 1242, Aroclor 1248, Aroclor 1254 and Aroclor 1260. Quarterly reports issued by ARCADIS on behalf of AK Steel show the high presence of Aroclor 1242. Further reports by Ohio EPA show the presence of Aroclor 1248, Aroclor 1254, and Aroclor 1260 on AK Steel's facility.

The U.S. EPA is conducting their own analysis.

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