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Updated: 11:01 AM EDT
Friday, Oct 11, 2002
Clear Channel CEO buys stock

MTC to release results

DPL, Ameritech face reviews

High-tech sheds 113,000 jobs

Victoria's Secret drives Limited growth


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15:01 EDT Tuesday 

Steelmaker to increase discharges

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency said it will allow AK Steel to modify its wastewater discharge permit and increase discharges of certain elements from its Middletown facility.

The company was granted two separate modifications, one which allows AK Steel to increase the amount of copper and zinc discharged from various points along the property. The EPA extended that permit's term through Oct. 29.

Another modification permits the company to increase the amount of free cyanide discharged into the Great Miami River.

The EPA said the discharges will not exceed chemical-specific water quality standards that protect aquatic life and human health.

However, the discharge will result in a change in water quality conditions in Dicks Creek, the north branch of Dicks Creek and the Great Miami River.

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Middletown-based AK Steel produces flat-rolled carbon, stainless and electrical steel at plants in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

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