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City: Dicks Creek is Ohio EPA’s problem

By The Journal Staff

Middletown Mayor David Schiavone has been flooded with e-mails about the water in Dicks Creek.

City Manager Ron Olson said the mayor has been contacted by organized groups and individuals, mostly from the area of Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky, about the hazards in the water. The people asked what the city is doing about the situation.

The answer is simple, according to Olson, Schiavone and Health Commissioner David Winfough. The existence of harmful PCBs in the creek is a problem for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to solve.

Winfough said that the city has no culpability nor authority to clean up the creek and has taken the most steps possible to deter people from swimming, fishing or wading in or drinking the water from the waterway.

He also said that the city of Middletown, which does not own the property surrounding the creek, has installed 48 signs warning against such activities along the 3.6 mile stretch that lies within the boundaries of the city.

“Nothing has changed in the last five years,” Winfough said, adding that the source of the PCBs has been stopped and the levels have not risen since.

“It’s not a city issue,” said Olson. “It’s really a state EPA issue.”

Published 08.06.03



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