AK Steel pollution cuts

Rachael Belz, Associate Director
Ohio Citizen Action

June 24, 2005

AK Steel must cut particle emissions by May 2006 to meet the new federal Maximum Achievable Control Technology standard.
  • U.S. EPA officials estimate that this will reduce particle pollution by 90%.
  • Officials at the Hamilton County Department of Environmental Services estimate that AK Steel may be able to reduce particle pollution by up to 99% after all controls are installed and running at highest efficiency.
Achieving this involves modernization of the blast furnace casthouse and the basic oxygen furnaces:

Blast Furnace Casthouse

AK Steel reports that it has completed improvements to the blast furnace casthouse. The company will conduct a stack test within six months to make sure it has achieved the federal standard.
2003 reported particle releases:667,480 pounds (333.74 tons)
After a 90% reduction:66,748 pounds (33.37 tons)
After a 99% reduction:6,674 pounds (3.33 tons)

Basic Oxygen Furnaces

AK Steel reports that is has begun improvements to the furnaces ahead of the EPA schedule, and says they will be completed by May 2006.
2003 reported particle releases:1,258,000 pounds (629 tons)
After a 90% reduction:125,800 pounds (62.9 tons)
After a 99% reduction:12,580 pounds (6.29 tons)

SOURCES: 2004 AK Steel emission fee report, consent decree, milestone progress reports, correspondence and discussions with AK Steel officials.