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Voice your concerns about unsafe levels of PCBs in Middletown

What's up?

AK Steel has been collecting PCB contaminated groundwater from the landfill near Monroe Ditch and treating it with carbon filtration. AK Steel is filtering PCBs out to an unknown level. This is the water being proposed to be discharged to Dickís Creek.

Why should you be concerned?

  • According to the Ohio EPA and Wright State University, Dickís Creek is heavily contaminated with PCBs.
  • There are no safe levels of PCBs. PCBs have been shown to cause harm to animals in the parts per trillion range.
  • PCBs discharged by AK Steel bioaccumulate, that is PCBs remain in people's and animal's bodies for many years (including fish).
  • Any additional PCBs discharged by AK Steel will add to the PCBs in the sediment of Dickís Creek. Given the current levels of PCBs in the creek, which are high and harmful, no additional PCBs should be allowed in the creek.
  • 'Concerns over the hazards of PCBs are based on solid scientific information. These pollutants are linked to developmental defects of cancer and other grave problems in humans and animals. The risks are clear: We must work to eliminate or at least to severely restrict the release of these toxins without delay.' -- President George W. Bush April 19, 2001

Wednesday, April 16, 2003, 7:00 PM
Middletown High School Cafeteria
601 North Breiel Boulevard

Call (513) 761-6140 for more information

Canít make it to the meeting?
Send written comments to the Ohio EPA, Division of Surface Water, Permits Processing Unit P.O. Box 1049, Columbus, OH 43216-1049.

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