Fundraising resources


  • The Environmental Support Center in Washington, D.C., offers technical support, training grants and an environmental loan fund.
  • The Foundation Center Library in New York has a directory of foundations, information on corporate giving and grant writing tips.
  • The Idealist is "a global clearinghouse of nonprofit and volunteering resources," from Action Without Borders in New York.
  • Charity Village, in Brampton, Ontario, is "Canada's supersite for the nonprofit sector," and receives "the heaviest traffic of any non-profit oriented site in North America."
  • How can I find sponsors for an event?, Rebeca Mojica, Internet Nonprofit Center


Internet fundraising

Chardon Press Publications in Berkeley, California, has a free email newsletter, fundraising tips, articles from the Grassroots Fundraising Journal and consultant Kim Klein, and books.
Kim Klein's Fundraising for Social Change is the first book to read on fundraising. She has mastered the topic. Follow her advice and you will get where you want to go much faster.
Buy Fundraising for Social Change.
Fundraising for the Long Haul by Kim Klein (May 2000) argues for making fundraising part of an overall long-term plan for the organization. Full of examples and practical suggestions.
Buy Fundraising for the Long Haul.
The Grass Roots Fundraising Book, by Joan Flanagan, is practical, comprehensive and readable; excellent for novice community fundraisers. Topics include special events, approaching philanthropists, direct mail, and door-to-door canvassing. Updated edition.
Buy The Grass Roots Fundraising Book.