More about Citizen Action's new leaders in Toledo and northwest Ohio

Beatrice MiringuMatt Stutler

March 14, 2002

Sandy Buchanan, executive director of Ohio Citizen Action, has hired two new leaders for the group's Toledo office, which serves all of northwest Ohio. They are Beatrice Miringu, program director, and Matt Stutler, canvass director.

  • Beatrice Miringu holds a undergraduate degree from Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya, and a master's degree in environmental science from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Before moving to the United States four years ago, she was an assistant research scientist at the East African Herbarium. She worked to protect cycads, palm- or fern-like evergreen plants which were once abundant in warm climates, but are now dwindling. She conducted extensive field surveys and developed a database for cycads and other rare and endangered species, including orchids and different species of medicinal plants.

  • Fresh from classes at the University of Cincinnati, Matt Stutler joined Ohio Citizen Action in January, 2001. As a field canvasser, he promptly contributed to the remarkable community victory in Cincinnati's Morton International campaign. Last summer, his role was recognized with a leadership award at the national conference of door-to-door canvassing organizations. In Cincinnati, he also helped launch the next good-neighbor campaign: AK Steel-Middletown.

Both can be reached at the Toledo office, (419) 255-6655, (419) 255-6677 FAX.

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