Canvasser Profile
Adam Ganson

Adam, ready to clean up Ohio.

Date of Birth: 02.07.84

Where are you from originally? Where do you reside now? I was born and reared in Cincinnati, Ohio. I just moved back there. I just finished school at Indiana University, which is in Bloomington, Indiana.

What did you major in? I majored in English and Jewish Studies. I want to use my degrees to go to graduate school for environmental studies. My dream school is Lewis and Clark, a law school in Portland, Oregon. It is the best environmental law school in the country. I'd also like to study at Otterbein Institute in Israel in their desert studies program.

How long have you been an activist? Since sixth grade I've been involved in political activities. In seventh grade I went to my first protest in Washington D.C., to a rally for Israel. It was my first encounter with people getting organized around a specific cause. It was the first time I realized that that's what people need to do in order for things to happen.

How long have you been with Ohio Citizen Action? I've been with OCA for two months now.

Why do you do this work? I'm driven by the circumstances of the present day. I have a desire for keeping the world balanced.

What campaigns have you worked on with Ohio Citizen Action in Cincinnati? I'm working with the Eramet campaign currently.

Hobbies and favorite outside of work activities: Playing guitar relaxes me. Music is coming from what I am doing. I'm more focused on the acoustic guitar.

Some of your favorite types of music: Folk music like Phish, jam bands, Jazz, African, New Orleans, Eastern European, Klezmer, and so on. I love it all and appreciate everything.

Unique facts about you: If I'm at a restaurant that has those little jelly packets (I only do this if there's blackberry jelly), I'll eat like four of them.

Favorite canvassing story: I was walking up this huge hill, and I finally reached the top of the hill, sweating profusely, and this nice woman invited me into her house. I was looking at her pictures and I noticed the guy in the pictures with her. She helped out with a contribution, and as I was walking out I looked at her check and I realized that her husband was Johnny Bench, the baseball player from the 1976 Reds.

Also, this one time I was canvassing in this place called Pleasant Ridge in Cincinnati, and I was walking from house to house. I came to this house and was thinking 'these people must be Greek' because the door was blue, the garage was blue, the shutters were blue and the flower pots were blue...and nobody was home, so I turned around to look at the address of the house and there was a sign that said 'Protected by the Crips.'

What issues are you passionate about?
I try to say the word peace as much as possible. If people hear it enough they will start thinking in terms of it. It is amazing that what canvassing does is rely on peace. We rely on people respecting what we are out there to do. Look at the amazing things we were able to accomplish because of it. I'm not going to say world peace, but individual peace with each other. Israel and Judaism is very important to me. It has given me a unique perspective with which to view the world, and still appreciate everyone for their diversity and for what they bring into our diverse world.

Book: On the Road by Jack Keroiac and Paradise Lost by John Milton

Movie: Blues Brothers

band: Phish

Website (other than Ohio Citizen Action's):