Alumni news and photos: 2003

Nov 14, 2003: Redfern leaving Ohio Citizen Action; Environmental crusader to join Rural Action

Jane Forrest RedfernDAYTON -- "Jane Forrest Redfern, who has been on the front lines of nearly every environmental issue in the Miami Valley for the past 17 years, is leaving her job with Ohio Citizen Action to become the executive director of Rural Action in Southeast Ohio. 'It is a wonderful opportunity,' Redfern said. 'I'll be replacing Carol Kuhre, the woman who first taught me how to organize 20 years ago.' Redfern's career in the area as environmental projects director covered causes such as ground water protection, the Valleycrest landfill, cleanup of the former Dayton Walther plant and, most recently, the U.S. Army's unsuccessful attempt to ship a by-product of the destruction of VX nerve agent to Perma-Fix, Inc. in Jefferson Twp.," Dale Dempsey, Dayton Daily News.

ATHENS -- Jane Forrest Redfern named new Rural Action executive director, Rural Action.

Jane Forrest-Redfern was a canvasser, Dayton Program Director, Cincinnati Program Director, and Environmental Projects Director.
Nov 3, 2003: Roxanne Qualls set to teach at Northern Kentucky University

Roxanne QuallsDAYTON -- "Former Cincinnati Mayor Roxanne Qualls will return to the region after several years in Boston to teach a master's program in public administration, and design courses aimed at helping elected officials. . . The 50-year-old Qualls was first elected to Cincinnati City Council in 1991 and served as mayor from 1993 to 1999. After resigning because of term limits, she left Cincinnati for Harvard University, where she recently finished a master's degree in public administration," Robert Anglen, Cincinnati Enquirer.

Roxanne Qualls was our Cincinnati program director.
James ThindwaJun 8, 2003: National Anti-War Strategy and Planning Conference, Chicago, June 6-8, 2003

ROSEMONT, IL -- "On June 6-8, representatives of more than 325 local and national peace and justice groups from across the U.S. gathered in Chicago to plan coordinated action to stop the Bush administration's program of permanent war. We are in the process of compiling a full report on this historic gathering. In the meantime, we have posted the key documents agreed upon by the conference delegates," United for Peace and Justice.

Conference photos.

James Thindwa was our Columbus Canvass Director.
Rich SwirskyMay 24, 2003: Highland Square Community Garden Planting Day

AKRON -- Rich Swirsky is a member of the Steering Committee of the Highland Square Development Association. The Highland Square neighborhood in Akron consists of the side streets adjoining West Market between Merriman Rd. and Twin Oaks Rd. Photo by Mark D. Smith," Highland Square Community Association.

Rich Swirsky was our Akron Program Director.