Ohio Citizen Action 30th Anniversary and Awards Reception: Columbus event

On May 25, 2005, members, alumni, and friends of Ohio Citizen Action observed the organization's 30th anniversary with an awards reception at the Jeffrey Mansion in Bexley.

Simona Vaclavikova, Columbus Area Program Director for Citizen Action, introduced the awards, which included the Outstanding Community Group Award to Westerville's Citizens for Clean Air; Canvasser of the Year Award to Jason Danklefsen, Senior Field Manager, Columbus Office; Government Watchdog Award to Peg Rosenfield, League of Women Voters; Ohio Citizen Action Leader Awards to Carrie Garnes and Pari Sabety; and a special thank you to Lawrence N. Hansen, Vice President, Joyce Foundation in Chicago.

There will be 30th anniversary events in Cincinnati and Cleveland in the fall.

Photos by Richard Renner, Angela Oster, and Sandy Buchanan
May 25, 2005

Photos Part 2

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